Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer


From the depth of the southern swamps rose a figure that was cloaked in mystery. These figures were called Necromancers, and as the name implies, they are a form of sorcerers whose spells raise the dead and control various dreadful creatures for their own purposes. Though their goals are aligned with those of the forces of light, some are entirely different and think that these ends cannot justify their foul means.

Remaining in the dank mausolea for long have made their skin pale and corpse-like, with a bodily structure similar to that of a skeleton. Most people shun them for their looks and behavior, but when it comes to power, no one questions to doubt it as it brings nightmares.

Statistics & Figures

They have the following attributes, starting stats, gain per level, and gain per point – Strength: 15, Dexterity: 25, Vitality: 15, and Energy: 25. Hit Points: 45, Stamina: 79, and Mana: 25. Life: +1.5, Stamina: +1, and Mana: +2. 1 Vitality point gives 2 Life, 1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina, and 1 Energy point gives 2 Mana.


There are several devotees of magic, who are students of rival disciplines. However, they are misunderstood as the Priests of Rathma. Similar to most of the magic users, the priests from the cult of Rathma hail from the eastern jungles, and reside in an underground city deep within those jungles. The precise location is unknown by many, and it is this very isolation that had pursued them into practicing various sorts of arcane science.

These men have come to understand the delicate balance of life and death through the teachings of Rathma, as well as their years of research and experimentation, permitting them to twist the borderline of both sides. Although creatures of hell have long possessed such a power, among humans the ability to control the dead belongs to priests alone. Thus, causing the outsiders to refer to them as Necromancers. They refer to the balance and understanding of life as the Great Cycle of Being, for diablo 2 resurrected necromancer builds.

Their culture has supported great male clans in the earlier ages, and their practice reaches back before magic was even formalized, for diablo 2 necromancer builds. Although they possess dark magic, and the outsiders shun such dark magic users, they have never suffered the epidemic of corruption that was plagued by the ancient mage clans, for diablo 2 necromancer builds.

They see death as a mere experience of life and do not seek to deny its arrival. Their knowledge of the unknown permits them to face any deadly situations head-on, which is an explanation to why they haven’t fallen prey to the evil influencers, for diablo 2 necromancer summoner build.

Only because of their desire to maintain a proper balance, they decided to come forth from the isolated homeland to destroy Diablo and whoever defies them. The Rathma followers seek to bring balance by getting rid of the mortal realms, and they would resent any force that treats humans as a cosmic game. That’s even though they are willing to ally with the Forces of Order, which is only until the balance has been restored.

Traits & Abilities

Necromancers possess the ability to bring the dead to life (reanimate corpses) and control them, for diablo 2 resurrected necromancer builds. The dead have a sort of spiritual energy within them that can haunt the mortal realms, and Necromancers can focus such energy and manifest it, for diablo 2 necromancer summoner build. People who practice necromancy can curse an individual’s fate by manipulating the prime energy flowing through the living beings. They possess the following skills; Curses, Poison & Bone, and Summon.

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OSRS Kudos Guide

Players who are experienced with OSRS may already be familiar with the term Kudo, and for those who aren’t – Kudo is a reward system where you help the staff of the Varrock Museum and earn various rewards. You can view your Kudo points at the top-left corner of your client, and if you want to view both; the uncompleted tasks, as well as the Kudo points, you can head to the 1st floor of the museum and right-click the information booth.

Earning Kudos

There are four different tasks that you can complete to earn Kudos osrs, and these include, Cleaning Finds (50 Kudos), Orlando Smith’s Natural History Quiz (28 Kudos), Completing Quests for Historian Minas (75 Kudos), and Completing Fossil Exhibits (72 Kudos).

Cleaning Finds: For this part of the osrs kudos guide, You can locate the finds in the Dig Site (next to Sinco Doar) area after completing the primary quest ‘Dig Site’. Once completed, you can access the area and collect finds, and then head to the southern section of the 1st floor of the Varrock Museum to begin the process. To know the items that you require to clean them, speak to the archaeologist (Trowel, Rock Pick, and a Specimen Brush, along with Leather Boots and Gloves). Once you have the required items, go to the Specimen Table to clean your finds and later on display them to earn Kudos.

Orlando Smith’s Natural History Quiz: One of the easiest methods to obtain Kudos in this osrs kudos guide is completing the Natural History Quiz, in which you’ll be asked questions related to creatures that exist throughout Gielinor and you have to get at least three correct. You can start this quiz by speaking to Orlando Smith, and the answers can be obtained from the plagues located within the Varrock museum. There are a total of 14 exhibits, providing you with three questions per exhibit, and for answering three questions accurately, you’ll earn 2 Kudos.

Completing Quests for Historian Minas: After completing a quest, you can head to Historian Minas on the 2nd floor of the Varrock Museum and turn in your efforts to earn Kudos. You may also receive Antique Lamps for additional experience. These quests include; Demon Slayer, Rune Mysteries, and Shield of Arrav for F2P (Free to Play) players, and A Tale of Two Cats, Hazeel Cult, In Aid of the Myreque, Making History, Merlin’s Crystal, Observatory Quest, Priest in Peril, Temple of Ikov, The Grand Tree, and What Lies Below for P2P (Pay to Play) players.

Completing Fossil Exhibits:

Similarly, you can also earn through Fossils. However, this technique can only be used after the completion of the quest Bone Voyage. At the Varrock museum, you’ll notice that there are several empty display cases, and these cases must be filled with Fossils. When you go to the Natural History Floor, you’ll be able to see a set of stairs – climb down and you can view the displays that need to be filled in those cases.

For creature displays, you’ll need the following parts; Pelvis, Skull, Spine, and a set of Limbs & Ribs.

For plant displays, you’ll need the following parts; Roots, Brand, Mushroom, Leaf, and Stump.

How To Access the Fossil Island?

The fossil island is located in the north-eastern section of Morytania. The island is basically ‘Under Exploration’ by the Varrock Museum and only members can access it. There are several islands surrounding it, but you cannot access them and your limitation lie only till Lithkren (Dragon Slayer 2). To enter the area, you’ll need to have completed the quest Bone Voyage and to start this quest, you’ll need to have completed The Druidic Ritual and The Dig Site quests. The other requirement is that you will need 100 Kudos osrs, and similarly, The Dig Site will also require 153 Kudos to access.

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World of Warcraft Shaman Guide

In the World of Warcraft the shaman is a class that can do many things. Shaman are very efficient at anything they do from dps to healing, shamans can buff raids in many different ways with their totems. Shamans have very different talent trees that I will go over. Every talent tree is good for everything in the game, pvp or pve content. The elemental talent tree uses nature damage and casting as its main source of dps. Enhancement is the other dps tree for a shaman in which the shaman enhances his weapons with powers that make their dps amazing. Restoration tree is the shamans way of healing.
Lets go over the first talent tree, elemental. Shaman have many specs, elemental being a favorite by many because of the amazing burst damage capability’s. Elemental combat has shaman casting lightning bolts dealing massive nature damage and casting hard hitting shock spells. Paired with some of the talents that make the lightning bolts shoot a second time for free, the elemental tree is a very good pvp spec due to the massive amounts of burst a they can put out. Elemental in pve content is not quite as popular as the enhancement tree but still does well in every occasion.

Enhancement is my personal favorite tree a shaman has to offer. The powerful melee weapon enhancements such as windfury is an amazing way to keep up a steady dps for pve content such as raids or 5 mans. Windfury is usually the main source of damage for an enhancement shaman. Stormstrike is the other main attack for an enhancement shaman. Pairing windfury with stormstrike is a great way to do massive damage in seconds as well. Pvp on enhancement shaman is becoming more and more popular due to the heavy damage output and good burst as well.

Healing on a shaman is another very fun thing to do. The restoration tree has many talents to buff up heals, group buffs as well as an extra shield that can be cast on people to heal them when they are hit. For pve content a shaman has many totem buffs to help healers or dpsers of any kind. Restoration shamans are extremely hard to kill in pvp and even with low dps can still manage to kill opponents as restoration. Healing and totems in pvp make for great team players and a great support class.

The shaman class is one of the only classes that can be a caster dps, a melee dps, or even a healer. All of these trees shamans are very efficient at. Elemental has talents and totems to buff up other casters, enhancement has totems to buff up other melee and even restoration has talents and totems that can really help healers out. Every raid should have a few shamans in it for the group buffs to everyone.

Runescape Review

Ok, I hope we all are on the same page here. Runescape is a game in which people can create accounts and be characters from the medieval age. You can meet friends and other places online and currently, there is absolutely nothing you have to download except java onto your computer to start playing. This game is very popular and only people thirteen years old and up can play it. There are many worlds available and numerous things to do.
Does Runescape cost any money?. It is free but if you want additional features, you have to pay. Jagex which is the creator of Runescape offers you two products to buy when wanting to become a member, Funorb and Runescape. Funorb allows you to gain access to exclusive Funorb content. This means you get all Funorb multiplayer titles, member achievements and much more. The price for this is $5.25 for one month using paypal. If you want to pay by credit card the cost per month is $4.95. There are also many other payment types including paying with SMS, Wallie-card, by phone and with cash or without a credit card.

The Runescape product is when you gain access to areas you couldn’t get to when you were a non member, more skills that are fun to train and hone, more bank space, and more quests and monsters. There are worlds in Runescape in which only members are allowed. In these worlds is where you can really put your product to use. You can buy better armor and weapons, do more quests and it’s just a whole lot more fun when you are a member. The cost of this with paypal is $7.50 per month. You can get a discount if you buy 2,3,6, or 12 months worth of membership. For credit card, a month of membership is worth $5.95.You can find all this information on this website: runescape.com. But first, you need to get an account which is totally free.

Is there a lot to do for non-members? Yes, at first you will be hooked. There are quests for non members too. There is a huge place for non members to explore and even a bigger place for members. After a while, you will get bored but I know friends that have played it for years without stopping. It’s fun for the fact that you can meet your friends and chat with them. With the chatting, you can say whatever you want. There will be no censorship in your talking except for bad words. You really can express your freedom and talk about almost anything you want!

Will the worlds sometimes have no room for me? No. The main ones yes, tend to be full sometimes but there are always worlds for you to go on. I have never been denied playing because all the worlds were full. There are lots of worlds for members and non members.

Is it safe? If you are a parent, then when creating the account, you can limit what the account can say. There is something in Runescape that’s called Quickchat. People who can use Quickchat only, are more limited on their talking in the game. They can only say general things and stuff that is related to Runescape. So basically people who can say anything they want can type out what they want to say. Quickchat users can only go on Quickchat and there, is a sorted list with things you can say. Like if you want to say hi, you would have to click on Quickchat and look for hi and click on it.

People ask for personal information and those people, you don’t have to answer and just ignore. Also, if they are doing something they aren’t suppose to be saying or doing, you can report them.

Another thing I want to mention is that during the game play; don’t reveal any sort of information. One person once asked me in Runescape what state do you live in? I would not answer that due to the fact that then; they are one step closer in getting in on me. Also, when making any accounts, don’t put your real name in it. This is super important because your username is shown on everyone’s screen. This means that they can look you up on Facebook to get an image of how you look and other things that can reveal even more secret, personal information about you. Also, make your passwords long and stretchy and not easy to forget.

Things to watch out are lines that trick you into revealing your password. They can then change the password to your account and you can kiss that character good bye. A hacker has many ways of getting into your account. I have approached a few in Runescape recently. I didn’t fall for it and you should always be cautious of what you are typing. The hacker tried to trick a lot of people by saying “Look!, Jagex doesn’t let us say our password backwards! ” The “” part, is suppose to be their password but it is merely the stars that you can type by pressing shift plus the number eight key. After they say that, people will try typing their passwords backwards and the minute they reveal it, the minute their account is gone. Jagex does let you show your password backwards so don’t fall for anything like this.

Top Ten RPG Cutscenes

The pre-rendered or animated cutscene in video game RPGs have been used for years to highlight the most action oriented or emotional scenes in the game’s story. With the enhanced graphics of modern day video games, in game engine graphics are getting closer and closer to matching the quality of these pre-rendered or animated scenes. Some feel their use may be coming to an end. For example, the hit RPG series Mass Effect uses only in game engine cutscenes. The in game engines in Final Fantasy XIII and Valkyria Chronicles are so good, it began getting difficult to tell when a scene was pre-rendered or not. The following are my top ten list for RPG cutscenes. I rank them on a combination of technical excellence, excitement for the action sequence, tie in to the story, emotion surrounding the scene, and overall memorableness. WARNING: Some of the descriptions below could contain spoilers to the game if you haven’t played them.
10) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Aigis confronts Ryoji

YouTube Link

The action in this anime sequence is solid but not in an elite category. What makes it stand out was how it was placed at the climax of the story. Aigis and Ryoji recall what happened in the past, tying up many of the loose ends in the story.

9) Jeanne D’Arc – Destiny / Battle at Chalon

YouTube Link

Jeane D’Arc told the story of an alternate history of Joan of Arc’s life, where magical armlets, beasts, and demons were also involved in the Hundred Years War. While the story loosely follows historical events, you knew there had to be a twist or change at some point. This was the cutscene that twisted the story completely around from what you expected.

8) Suikoden III – Opening Intro

YouTube Link

The Suikoden series has typically used animated cutscenes at the beginning of their games. Suikoden III’s animated intro was the best of the bunch. It gave you hints to the story in the game, showing you a wide range of characters that you’ll encounter, and showcasing a “can’t get it out of my head” hymn. It’s the best animated cutscene in a video game I’ve recalled ever seeing.

7) Final Fantasy IX – Ending

YouTube Link

You knew Zidane was alive and you knew he would come back. Square-Enix could have made a really cheesy cutscene in the end that concentrated on Zidane and perhaps a smooch at the end with Garnet. However they made a far more memorable scene by having Garnet struggle to get through the crowd to see Zidane and somewhat angrily hit him for messing with her emotions like that.

6) Rogue Galaxy – Labyrinth Failure/Success

YouTube Link (Part 1 – 1:00)

YouTube Link (Part 2 – 4:30)

In this series of cutscenes, you see Seed and Jaster attempt to solve the labyrinth puzzle that will help lead them to Eden. The scene is cool, as you see both characters attempt to solve the puzzle and see Jaster’s completed solution. Like several of the cutscenes above, it came at a major climax of the game. There were many clues, hints, and suggestions throughout the game about what was about to happen, but you didn’t really know exactly what was going to happen until this series of cutscenes filled in the gaps in the story.

5) Final Fantasy VII – “Aeris/Aerith Death”

YouTube Link

It’s one of the most memorable moments in video game history, showing the unexpected death of Aerith in an emotional scene. Many fans rank this cutscene as the best ever, however I move it down the list as modern day graphics and voice acting have made many newer scenes more powerful.

4) Final Fantasy XIII – Welcome to Gran Pulse

YouTube Link

Final Fantasy XIII features some of the best graphics and HD cutscenes ever seen in a video game. The exciting scene where the group first discovers Gran Pulse is the highlight cutscene of the game, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

3) Lost Odyssey – Opening Movie

YouTube Link

This cutscene features an amazing battle that showcases the machines and magic that inhabit the world of Lost Odyssey. It also showcases how badass the lead character Kaim is. Another very cool part of this cutscene is how it transitions you directly into the very first battle and start of the game.

2) Valkyria Chronicles – Alicia vs. Selvaria

YouTube Link

Valkyria Chronicles has some of the best graphics ever scene on the PS3 and it has a number of great cutscenes. However, the one that stands out to me is the initial battle of Alicia vs Selvaria. What I love about the scene is the initial feeling of doom on the Gallian side, their shock to see that their is a Valkyria on their side, and how Alicia is so out of it, unsure of what to make of her newfound powers.

1) Final Fantasy XI – Opening Movie

YouTube Link

Even if you’ve never played Final Fantasy XI, this cutscene/movie is simply amazing. It shows you the background story surrounding the game, introduces all the races in the game, and an amazing battle scene. However, what separates this cutscene from the rest is the story of the two small children in their effort to survive and how they tie the very beginning of the cutscene to the end. As a comparison, compare this the opening movie for Final Fantasy XIV, which didn’t really give you any background story or tie any emotion to the characters.

Honorable Mention:

Final Fantasy X – Yuna’s Wedding / Assault on Bevelle

YouTube Link

Final Fantasy X introduced many fans to what pre-rendered graphics were capable of the PS2. The Assault on Bevelle cutscene was probably the most exciting of the bunch, although some might favor the more touching lake scene. The lake scene just didn’t feel that emotional to me, not sure why.

Final Fantasy XII – Opening Movie

YouTube Link

It’s a glorious opening sequence, however I felt it was too “choppy” as a whole, jumping through various historical elements in the story rather than be one cohesive serious of events.

Fallout NV Game Play

Fallout NV is an RPG (Role Playing Game) developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and was published by Bethesda Softworks, who is famous for the Elder Scroll series. It is set in a post apocalyptic Nevada.

The story goes that there was a great war, in which A bombs were used, and America was now a wasteland. The game focuses around two Factions that are trying to control the Hover Dam. They are the NCR, or New California Republic, as military force that represents the rule of the ruined country, and Caesar’s Legion, which is gang, based around the practices of ancient Rome, and the beliefs of their leader Caesar.

In this Legion, the only females are slaves, used for everyday menial tasks. The legion rose to power by conquering thousands of smaller enemy tribes. The other main faction is Mr. House, and his robots. Mr. House is the leader of New Vegas, and the main reason why the player comes to be in this game. In the beginning of the game, the player is sent to deliver a package to New Vegas.

Soon though he is intercepted, and tied up. His captors then shoot him in the head after a short speech about his situation though. Then the player wakes up in a doctor’s house, and is allowed to name himself or herself, and create their character. After they are done, they then select their base stats, and specialized skills. Everything in the doctor’s house may be stolen, and sold for quick money.

There is also a 9mm SMG that can be repaired if the player selects repair as one of their base skills. The SMG is based on the WWII SMG, The M3, or Grease Gun, which was a cheaper replacement for the Thompson. The perspective of the game play can be switched between third person, and first person. The special aiming system, called VATS, allows players to target specific body parts with greater accuracy.

Before the Downloadable Content the players max level is capped at thirty. However, with four DLCs released, the player gets five extra levels, for a total a fifty level cap. There were also two content packs, one that gave more guns, and one that gives all of the content that was only previously given to those who preordered the game.