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Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer

Introduction From the depth of the southern swamps rose a figure that was cloaked in mystery. These figures were called Necromancers, and as the name implies, they are a form of sorcerers whose spells raise the dead and control various dreadful creatures for their own purposes. Though their goals are aligned with those of the […]

OSRS Kudos Guide

Players who are experienced with OSRS may already be familiar with the term Kudo, and for those who aren’t – Kudo is a reward system where you help the staff of the Varrock Museum and earn various rewards. You can view your Kudo points at the top-left corner of your client, and if you want […]

World of Warcraft Shaman Guide

In the World of Warcraft the shaman is a class that can do many things. Shaman are very efficient at anything they do from dps to healing, shamans can buff raids in many different ways with their totems. Shamans have very different talent trees that I will go over. Every talent tree is good for […]

Runescape Review

Ok, I hope we all are on the same page here. Runescape is a game in which people can create accounts and be characters from the medieval age. You can meet friends and other places online and currently, there is absolutely nothing you have to download except java onto your computer to start playing. This […]

Top Ten RPG Cutscenes

The pre-rendered or animated cutscene in video game RPGs have been used for years to highlight the most action oriented or emotional scenes in the game’s story. With the enhanced graphics of modern day video games, in game engine graphics are getting closer and closer to matching the quality of these pre-rendered or animated scenes. […]

Fallout NV Game Play

Fallout NV is an RPG (Role Playing Game) developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and was published by Bethesda Softworks, who is famous for the Elder Scroll series. It is set in a post apocalyptic Nevada. The story goes that there was a great war, in which A bombs were used, and America was now a wasteland. […]