Runescape Review

Ok, I hope we all are on the same page here. Runescape is a game in which people can create accounts and be characters from the medieval age. You can meet friends and other places online and currently, there is absolutely nothing you have to download except java onto your computer to start playing. This game is very popular and only people thirteen years old and up can play it. There are many worlds available and numerous things to do.
Does Runescape cost any money?. It is free but if you want additional features, you have to pay. Jagex which is the creator of Runescape offers you two products to buy when wanting to become a member, Funorb and Runescape. Funorb allows you to gain access to exclusive Funorb content. This means you get all Funorb multiplayer titles, member achievements and much more. The price for this is $5.25 for one month using paypal. If you want to pay by credit card the cost per month is $4.95. There are also many other payment types including paying with SMS, Wallie-card, by phone and with cash or without a credit card.

The Runescape product is when you gain access to areas you couldn’t get to when you were a non member, more skills that are fun to train and hone, more bank space, and more quests and monsters. There are worlds in Runescape in which only members are allowed. In these worlds is where you can really put your product to use. You can buy better armor and weapons, do more quests and it’s just a whole lot more fun when you are a member. The cost of this with paypal is $7.50 per month. You can get a discount if you buy 2,3,6, or 12 months worth of membership. For credit card, a month of membership is worth $5.95.You can find all this information on this website: But first, you need to get an account which is totally free.

Is there a lot to do for non-members? Yes, at first you will be hooked. There are quests for non members too. There is a huge place for non members to explore and even a bigger place for members. After a while, you will get bored but I know friends that have played it for years without stopping. It’s fun for the fact that you can meet your friends and chat with them. With the chatting, you can say whatever you want. There will be no censorship in your talking except for bad words. You really can express your freedom and talk about almost anything you want!

Will the worlds sometimes have no room for me? No. The main ones yes, tend to be full sometimes but there are always worlds for you to go on. I have never been denied playing because all the worlds were full. There are lots of worlds for members and non members.

Is it safe? If you are a parent, then when creating the account, you can limit what the account can say. There is something in Runescape that’s called Quickchat. People who can use Quickchat only, are more limited on their talking in the game. They can only say general things and stuff that is related to Runescape. So basically people who can say anything they want can type out what they want to say. Quickchat users can only go on Quickchat and there, is a sorted list with things you can say. Like if you want to say hi, you would have to click on Quickchat and look for hi and click on it.

People ask for personal information and those people, you don’t have to answer and just ignore. Also, if they are doing something they aren’t suppose to be saying or doing, you can report them.

Another thing I want to mention is that during the game play; don’t reveal any sort of information. One person once asked me in Runescape what state do you live in? I would not answer that due to the fact that then; they are one step closer in getting in on me. Also, when making any accounts, don’t put your real name in it. This is super important because your username is shown on everyone’s screen. This means that they can look you up on Facebook to get an image of how you look and other things that can reveal even more secret, personal information about you. Also, make your passwords long and stretchy and not easy to forget.

Things to watch out are lines that trick you into revealing your password. They can then change the password to your account and you can kiss that character good bye. A hacker has many ways of getting into your account. I have approached a few in Runescape recently. I didn’t fall for it and you should always be cautious of what you are typing. The hacker tried to trick a lot of people by saying “Look!, Jagex doesn’t let us say our password backwards! ” The “” part, is suppose to be their password but it is merely the stars that you can type by pressing shift plus the number eight key. After they say that, people will try typing their passwords backwards and the minute they reveal it, the minute their account is gone. Jagex does let you show your password backwards so don’t fall for anything like this.