World of Warcraft Shaman Guide

In the World of Warcraft the shaman is a class that can do many things. Shaman are very efficient at anything they do from dps to healing, shamans can buff raids in many different ways with their totems. Shamans have very different talent trees that I will go over. Every talent tree is good for everything in the game, pvp or pve content. The elemental talent tree uses nature damage and casting as its main source of dps. Enhancement is the other dps tree for a shaman in which the shaman enhances his weapons with powers that make their dps amazing. Restoration tree is the shamans way of healing.
Lets go over the first talent tree, elemental. Shaman have many specs, elemental being a favorite by many because of the amazing burst damage capability’s. Elemental combat has shaman casting lightning bolts dealing massive nature damage and casting hard hitting shock spells. Paired with some of the talents that make the lightning bolts shoot a second time for free, the elemental tree is a very good pvp spec due to the massive amounts of burst a they can put out. Elemental in pve content is not quite as popular as the enhancement tree but still does well in every occasion.

Enhancement is my personal favorite tree a shaman has to offer. The powerful melee weapon enhancements such as windfury is an amazing way to keep up a steady dps for pve content such as raids or 5 mans. Windfury is usually the main source of damage for an enhancement shaman. Stormstrike is the other main attack for an enhancement shaman. Pairing windfury with stormstrike is a great way to do massive damage in seconds as well. Pvp on enhancement shaman is becoming more and more popular due to the heavy damage output and good burst as well.

Healing on a shaman is another very fun thing to do. The restoration tree has many talents to buff up heals, group buffs as well as an extra shield that can be cast on people to heal them when they are hit. For pve content a shaman has many totem buffs to help healers or dpsers of any kind. Restoration shamans are extremely hard to kill in pvp and even with low dps can still manage to kill opponents as restoration. Healing and totems in pvp make for great team players and a great support class.

The shaman class is one of the only classes that can be a caster dps, a melee dps, or even a healer. All of these trees shamans are very efficient at. Elemental has talents and totems to buff up other casters, enhancement has totems to buff up other melee and even restoration has talents and totems that can really help healers out. Every raid should have a few shamans in it for the group buffs to everyone.