OSRS Kudos Guide

Players who are experienced with OSRS may already be familiar with the term Kudo, and for those who aren’t – Kudo is a reward system where you help the staff of the Varrock Museum and earn various rewards. You can view your Kudo points at the top-left corner of your client, and if you want to view both; the uncompleted tasks, as well as the Kudo points, you can head to the 1st floor of the museum and right-click the information booth.

Earning Kudos

There are four different tasks that you can complete to earn Kudos osrs, and these include, Cleaning Finds (50 Kudos), Orlando Smith’s Natural History Quiz (28 Kudos), Completing Quests for Historian Minas (75 Kudos), and Completing Fossil Exhibits (72 Kudos).

Cleaning Finds: For this part of the osrs kudos guide, You can locate the finds in the Dig Site (next to Sinco Doar) area after completing the primary quest ‘Dig Site’. Once completed, you can access the area and collect finds, and then head to the southern section of the 1st floor of the Varrock Museum to begin the process. To know the items that you require to clean them, speak to the archaeologist (Trowel, Rock Pick, and a Specimen Brush, along with Leather Boots and Gloves). Once you have the required items, go to the Specimen Table to clean your finds and later on display them to earn Kudos.

Orlando Smith’s Natural History Quiz: One of the easiest methods to obtain Kudos in this osrs kudos guide is completing the Natural History Quiz, in which you’ll be asked questions related to creatures that exist throughout Gielinor and you have to get at least three correct. You can start this quiz by speaking to Orlando Smith, and the answers can be obtained from the plagues located within the Varrock museum. There are a total of 14 exhibits, providing you with three questions per exhibit, and for answering three questions accurately, you’ll earn 2 Kudos.

Completing Quests for Historian Minas: After completing a quest, you can head to Historian Minas on the 2nd floor of the Varrock Museum and turn in your efforts to earn Kudos. You may also receive Antique Lamps for additional experience. These quests include; Demon Slayer, Rune Mysteries, and Shield of Arrav for F2P (Free to Play) players, and A Tale of Two Cats, Hazeel Cult, In Aid of the Myreque, Making History, Merlin’s Crystal, Observatory Quest, Priest in Peril, Temple of Ikov, The Grand Tree, and What Lies Below for P2P (Pay to Play) players.

Completing Fossil Exhibits:

Similarly, you can also earn through Fossils. However, this technique can only be used after the completion of the quest Bone Voyage. At the Varrock museum, you’ll notice that there are several empty display cases, and these cases must be filled with Fossils. When you go to the Natural History Floor, you’ll be able to see a set of stairs – climb down and you can view the displays that need to be filled in those cases.

For creature displays, you’ll need the following parts; Pelvis, Skull, Spine, and a set of Limbs & Ribs.

For plant displays, you’ll need the following parts; Roots, Brand, Mushroom, Leaf, and Stump.

How To Access the Fossil Island?

The fossil island is located in the north-eastern section of Morytania. The island is basically ‘Under Exploration’ by the Varrock Museum and only members can access it. There are several islands surrounding it, but you cannot access them and your limitation lie only till Lithkren (Dragon Slayer 2). To enter the area, you’ll need to have completed the quest Bone Voyage and to start this quest, you’ll need to have completed The Druidic Ritual and The Dig Site quests. The other requirement is that you will need 100 Kudos osrs, and similarly, The Dig Site will also require 153 Kudos to access.

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