Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer


From the depth of the southern swamps rose a figure that was cloaked in mystery. These figures were called Necromancers, and as the name implies, they are a form of sorcerers whose spells raise the dead and control various dreadful creatures for their own purposes. Though their goals are aligned with those of the forces of light, some are entirely different and think that these ends cannot justify their foul means.

Remaining in the dank mausolea for long have made their skin pale and corpse-like, with a bodily structure similar to that of a skeleton. Most people shun them for their looks and behavior, but when it comes to power, no one questions to doubt it as it brings nightmares.

Statistics & Figures

They have the following attributes, starting stats, gain per level, and gain per point – Strength: 15, Dexterity: 25, Vitality: 15, and Energy: 25. Hit Points: 45, Stamina: 79, and Mana: 25. Life: +1.5, Stamina: +1, and Mana: +2. 1 Vitality point gives 2 Life, 1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina, and 1 Energy point gives 2 Mana.


There are several devotees of magic, who are students of rival disciplines. However, they are misunderstood as the Priests of Rathma. Similar to most of the magic users, the priests from the cult of Rathma hail from the eastern jungles, and reside in an underground city deep within those jungles. The precise location is unknown by many, and it is this very isolation that had pursued them into practicing various sorts of arcane science.

These men have come to understand the delicate balance of life and death through the teachings of Rathma, as well as their years of research and experimentation, permitting them to twist the borderline of both sides. Although creatures of hell have long possessed such a power, among humans the ability to control the dead belongs to priests alone. Thus, causing the outsiders to refer to them as Necromancers. They refer to the balance and understanding of life as the Great Cycle of Being, for diablo 2 resurrected necromancer builds.

Their culture has supported great male clans in the earlier ages, and their practice reaches back before magic was even formalized, for diablo 2 necromancer builds. Although they possess dark magic, and the outsiders shun such dark magic users, they have never suffered the epidemic of corruption that was plagued by the ancient mage clans, for diablo 2 necromancer builds.

They see death as a mere experience of life and do not seek to deny its arrival. Their knowledge of the unknown permits them to face any deadly situations head-on, which is an explanation to why they haven’t fallen prey to the evil influencers, for diablo 2 necromancer summoner build.

Only because of their desire to maintain a proper balance, they decided to come forth from the isolated homeland to destroy Diablo and whoever defies them. The Rathma followers seek to bring balance by getting rid of the mortal realms, and they would resent any force that treats humans as a cosmic game. That’s even though they are willing to ally with the Forces of Order, which is only until the balance has been restored.

Traits & Abilities

Necromancers possess the ability to bring the dead to life (reanimate corpses) and control them, for diablo 2 resurrected necromancer builds. The dead have a sort of spiritual energy within them that can haunt the mortal realms, and Necromancers can focus such energy and manifest it, for diablo 2 necromancer summoner build. People who practice necromancy can curse an individual’s fate by manipulating the prime energy flowing through the living beings. They possess the following skills; Curses, Poison & Bone, and Summon.

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