Fallout NV Game Play

Fallout NV is an RPG (Role Playing Game) developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and was published by Bethesda Softworks, who is famous for the Elder Scroll series. It is set in a post apocalyptic Nevada.

The story goes that there was a great war, in which A bombs were used, and America was now a wasteland. The game focuses around two Factions that are trying to control the Hover Dam. They are the NCR, or New California Republic, as military force that represents the rule of the ruined country, and Caesar’s Legion, which is gang, based around the practices of ancient Rome, and the beliefs of their leader Caesar.

In this Legion, the only females are slaves, used for everyday menial tasks. The legion rose to power by conquering thousands of smaller enemy tribes. The other main faction is Mr. House, and his robots. Mr. House is the leader of New Vegas, and the main reason why the player comes to be in this game. In the beginning of the game, the player is sent to deliver a package to New Vegas.

Soon though he is intercepted, and tied up. His captors then shoot him in the head after a short speech about his situation though. Then the player wakes up in a doctor’s house, and is allowed to name himself or herself, and create their character. After they are done, they then select their base stats, and specialized skills. Everything in the doctor’s house may be stolen, and sold for quick money.

There is also a 9mm SMG that can be repaired if the player selects repair as one of their base skills. The SMG is based on the WWII SMG, The M3, or Grease Gun, which was a cheaper replacement for the Thompson. The perspective of the game play can be switched between third person, and first person. The special aiming system, called VATS, allows players to target specific body parts with greater accuracy.

Before the Downloadable Content the players max level is capped at thirty. However, with four DLCs released, the player gets five extra levels, for a total a fifty level cap. There were also two content packs, one that gave more guns, and one that gives all of the content that was only previously given to those who preordered the game.